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Detailed Planning, Document Reviews, Governance Process Reviews, Detailed Reporting, Entity Level Control Review, Summary of Deficiencies, Trend Analysis

Expert Auditing Services

7th Echelon offers auditing services focused on internal reviews of organizational processes, including assessing the structure, policies, and procedures by which an organization is directed, managed, and controlled. Our team inspects policy procedures and identifies potential risk areas in an organization’s programs and operations, examining compliance with regulations and internal frameworks.

Our services include:

Detailed Planning: We present an all-inclusive plan for scrutinizing and analyzing internal controls across the organization, from leadership and management to human capital and compliance.

Document Reviews: We spearhead and carry out document reviews to affirm the operational efficacy of current internal controls, complying with various regulatory guidelines.

Governance Process Reviews: We evaluate the effectiveness of governance structures, the transparency and adequacy of information flow to the leadership, the organization’s risk culture, and the effectiveness of risk management strategies.

Detailed Reporting: We facilitate comprehensive analysis and written feedback on documents and files, identifying areas that need more attention.

Entity Level Control Review: We inspect Effective Entity-Level Controls (ELCs) to assess an organization’s system of internal controls, ensuring alignment with all components of internal control.

Summary of Deficiencies: We compile a summary of internal control deficiencies, citing specific principles that an organization should meet. We evaluate the effectiveness of internal control components, identify deficiencies, and aid in developing corrective action plans for any material weaknesses identified.

Trend Analysis: We scrutinize trends, pinpoint high-risk areas for review, and provide detailed written feedback on organizational alignment, policies, and processes.

By leveraging our vast expertise, organizations can ensure a rigorous and comprehensive audit process, aligning with best practices and regulatory requirements to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate potential risks.

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